Customized creations

Precise need

For a customized order, there is a part of creation and another of requirements to meet.
In the scope of an artisan’s work, motions perpetuate technique, which leads to research, experimentation and excellence.

The crinoid table and chair.


The project was inspired by a fossiliferous site located at Harrington Inlet in my home village of Port-Daniel, where you can find fossilized coral, that we call in this case crinoid since it is half plant, half animal and lived some 500 million years ago in the warm seas.
We find these fossils in Quebec, on the Côte-Nord Region and in Gaspé, but also in Marocco, Africa, that indicates a proximity before the continental drift.

Time travel

The piece, with its drifts and its components suggests a journey through time. The plant was petrified during climate change, the wood brings us back to the African continent, the cladding of the chair back made from the skin of salmon, those great travellers, and the cast aluminum that places us in modern times.

I enjoy reading as well as history. In this instance, I was about to revisit the story of the Virgin, biblical character, and renew my thoughts on these subjects, that were put to rest.
Yet, above and beyond what we may read and say… The adventure associated with the realization of this work of art is foremost a work contract, a series of preliminary drawings in preparation of wood sculpting, of the study of the human body, of the draping effect.
This is called expression through wood.
The desire to render introspection through a blind gaze, tenderness through gestures, the image of the mother to whom the faithful have always turned to and in whom they have had faith throughout the ages.
Once the drawings and the model are done, it is time to select the wood, straighten it, and square it, then to select the wood fibre, the alternation of ages, all the while instinctively figuring out the final volume, before bonding and clamping the different pieces together.
Of course, since wood is affected by humidity levels, it is essential to maintain the workshop’s temperature at the same temperature of the destination all through the evolution of the project, which, ultimately, under our scope, after scrutiny, appears to us, yes … yet … never completed!